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Unique offer to see most of Central Asia in a short time, just in 15 days. Though this program is short, it will be full of emotions and for sure memorable experience. You will visit the most iconic places of the Great Silk Road in Central Asia. The tour will set you apart from an average traveler as only few of them have done the same! Your trip will start from the biggest city in Central Asia-Tashkent and follow through the ancient cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, from where you will get to one of the most closed countries in the world-Turkmenistan. This is a country of contrasts: ruins of brilliant cities of almost all powerful ancient Asian and Persian dynasties, endless steppes and the Great Karakum Desert, skullcaps and pilaf, Akhal-Teke horses and colorful folk weddings, beautiful famous carpets made in ancient style,  famous  silk, and natural melons. After all border formalities, you will continue your way to Mary. Later you will visit the capital - Ashgabat, a modern marvel and capital city with unique characteristics of its own, and drive to the Uzbek border passing by Konyeurgench – ancient city (III-XVI cc) listed by UNESCO World Heritage Book. From the Uzbek side our professional stuff will take you to charming Kiva, which is a truly amazing open-air museum. From Tashkent you will head to Kyrgyzstan to visit the most famous place of the country – Issyk Kul Lake. Issyk Kul is one the biggest mountain lakes in the world. Beautiful sights, mountain air and snow white peaks will take your breath away. You will have a chance to swim in the lake, depending on weather. This land offers many opportunities for active tourism and our program will include light trekking to see petroglyphs. One can see panoramic view of Issyk Kul Lake from there – ancient people were thinking it was the middle of the world. In Jeti Oguz (Seven Bulls) gorge, famous for its red rocks formations, your guide will tell you a beautiful legend. Your tour will finish in Bishkek.

15 Days

Route Map

Tour program

  • Day 1 - Tashkent

    Flight to Tashkent by HY... Arrival at... Meeting at the airport of Tashkent by English speaking guide. Transfer to hotel, check in and rest after the flight.
  • Day 2 - Tashkent-Samarkand

    The capital of Uzbekistan, the biggest city in Central Asia. It is known all over the world as a city of friendship and hospitality and has a unique combination of historical monuments and modern life!

    Time Program
    Breakfast at Hotel
    City tour in Tashkent Old town: Khastimam Complex, Kukeldash Madrasah, Chorsu Silk Road bazaar. New Part of the city; Independence square, Amir Temur Museum, Alisher Navoi theatre, Amir Temur square.
    Lunch time Drive to Samarkand Photo stops near second largest river of Central Asia - Sirdarya, local fish market and roadside markets where the best melons are sold in the whole region. Quick shopping of water melons and melons (depends on season). Small photo-stop to enjoy the view of legendary Iron Gates of Tamerlane.
    Dinner Ancient National house recognized by UNESCO
  • Day 3 - Samarkand

    The grandiose capital of the Empire of famous Tamerlane -Amir Temur with the biggest mausoleums, madrassahs and mosques in Central Asia. And finally you have a chance to visit the world famous Registan square.

    Time Program
    Breakfast at Hotel
    Sightseeing tour of Samarkand: Guri Emir - Legendary mausoleum of Amir Temur and his family members. Registan square - World famous complex of 3 Madrassahs and Golden Dome Mosque. Mosque Bibi Khanum – The biggest mosque ever built in Central Asia as gift of Tamerlane's wife to her husband. Siyab bazar - unique place where you can get acquainted with the life of Samarkand people.
    Lunch time Continuing city tour: Shahi - Zinda necropolis, a holy place and cemetery with mausoleums of Timurid dynasty and a grave of cousin of Prophet Muhamed. Observatory of Ulugbek – incredible construction of 15th century for astronomical research.
  • Day 4 - Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Bukhara

    Time Program
    Breakfast at hotel
    Transfer to Shakhrisabz - the birthplace of Tamerlane. City tour: Ak-Sarai Palace of Amir Temur, Kuk Gumbaz Mosque, traditional bazar, Mausoleum of Jahangir, empty mausoleum of Amir Temur.
    Lunch time Transfer to Bukhara Upon arrival accommodation at hotel.
    Dinner at restaurant
  • Day 5 - Bukhara

    Ancient and fairy-tale town of Bukhara - the land of magical lamps and Eastern beauties. Ancient Great Silk Road caravans never missed this town - the only oasis around. Nowadays Bukhara is famous not only for it's superb historical monuments, but for it's lively trade. ...every traveler finds something unique in this town

    Time Program
    Breakfast at hotel
    City tour: Visit to Ismael Samani mausoleum (9-10 c)-the oldest royal mausoleum in Bukhara, Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum(14 c), Bukhara local bazar. Visit to Old Bukhara: Poi-Kalon ensemble including Minaret (12c), Mosque (16c), functioning Miri Arab Madrassah(16 c), Amir- Alim-Khan Madrassah (19c).
    Lunch time Taqi trading domes, Kukeldash Madrassah (16c), Lyab-i-Hauz (17c), Nadir Divanbegi (17c), Magoki Attari (10-16c), Ulug Beg (15c), Abdul Aziz (17c) Madrassahs; Visit to Registan Ensemble, Ark Fortress (16c) and Bolo-Hauz complex (18 c), Summer Palace of the last Emir of Bukhara. Folklore and Fashion show of national clothes at Nodir Devonbegi Madrassah
    Dinner Visiting national house for master class of plov
  • Day 6 - Bukhara-Mary (Turkmenistan)

    Time Program
    Breakfast at hotel Morning drive to Turkmenistan border. Meeting at the border Farab/Alat at 09.00 (Turkmenistan side of the border). Border passing formalities. Drive ~300km & 5 hours direct driving to Mary via Turkmenabat and the Floating Bridge lasting ~900 meters over the Greatest River of Central Asia from where is visible nearby the Oldest Railway Bridge in this part of Central Asia built at the end of XIX century over that “mad” river which till 2009 was the only one connecting south with north. Lunch time En route stop at some typical dunes of Garagum Desert to enjoy with photos. Upon arrival accommodation & rest or short walking tour within the central part of Mary City which has The Regional Mosque of Mary Province, The Central Theater of Mary, The Convention & Conference Center “Ruhiyet Koshgi”, Central Park & Monument of Mollanepes-the National Classic Poet who lived in Mary in XVIII-XIXcc. Dinner at local restaurant. ON in Mary Note: Passports with 2 colored photos will be required for registration at the CTB in Mary.
  • Day 7 - Merv-Mary-Ashgabat

    SS of Old Merv & Mary. Flight to Ashgabat Breakfast at hotel & check out. Morning drive to Bayramaly ~30km & 30min/driving to have SS of Old Merv known as Mary Shahu Jahan-King of the World for about 300 years became the biggest city in Asia & 8 years Capital of Islamic Khalifat, inscribed into the monuments list of World Heritage Book, protected by the UNESCO. SS of Old Merv includes: Gyz Gala & Oglan Gala (VI-VII), Complex of Askhabs (VIII-XIV), Gyaur Gala (IV BC), Buddist Complex (IV-VI), Beni Makhan Mosque-first Mosque build in Central Asia (VII), Erk Gala (VI BC), Soltan Gala (XI), Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum (XII), Ibn Zeid Mausoleum (XII). After SS of Old Merv drive back to Mary. Lunch time After lunch break visit the Local United Museum of History, Ethnography, Flora & Fauna of Mary located in a newly built marbled 2 stored building & the Regional Orthodox Church built by Russians at the end of XIX century. Late afternoon transfer to the airport of Mary for flight to Ashgabat. Type of Aircraft Boeing 717-200. Flight T5-132. Departure at 19.20 & arrival at 20.20. Upon arrival transfer to hotel & accommodation. Dinner at local restaurant. After dinner breaknight tour/driving along the main avenues of Ashgabat including to stop near Palace of Happiness to have look round its colorful views in night lights which makes it one of the spectacular cities of Central Asia. O/N in Ashgabat.
  • Day 8 - Ashgabat

    Full Day SS in/around Ashgabat Breakfast at hotel. At 08.00 start for Full Day SS of Ashgabatincludes: “Turkmenbashynyn Ruhy Metjidi” which is the biggest mosque in Central Asia & Mausoleum Complex of the tombs of Turkmenbashy and his parents &brothers, Old Nissa-The Sanctuary of Parhian Kings which was included into UNESCO’s World Heritage Book. (Nissa is situated in 15 km to the west of Ashgabat & founded in the III century B.C. Nissa was the capital of Parthian Empire which lasted for about 600 years and was the biggest competitor for the Rome Empire). After Old Nissa proceed with short SS of Monuments of Archabil Shayoly (Berzengi: southern Ashgabat) to have a close impression of the new part of Ashgabat with its modern buildings, monuments & parks which includes: Health Path of Turkmenbashy, Arch of Neutrality: famous rocket & tripod style built building symbolizing neutral status of Turkmenistan which was re-build & opened on 12 December, 2011. Its height 95meters including 12 meters rotated statue of first President of Turkmenistan: Saparmyrat Nyyazow (Turkmenbashy) on the top, Monument of Constitution opened on 18 May, 2011 & tallest building in Turkmenistan with its 185 meters, “Alem” Culture & Recreation Center: it’s the biggest indoor Ferris Wheel included into the Guinness Book. Lunch time After lunch break proceed with SS includes: National Museum of History (closed on Tuesdays): one of the biggest & best exhibited museum in Central Asia), Park of Independency along the hundreds of fountains & statutes with stops to visit Monuments of Independency, Park dedicated to Akhalteke Horses-the pride of Turkmen, Presidential Square, Monument of Commemoration: dedicated for the victims of the 1948 earthquake, Gulistan Bazar, Monument of Lenin which was erected in 1927 and survived the earthquake of 1948. Dinner at local restaurant. After dinnerevening short walking tour along the popular newly opened Park of Inspiration “Ylham Seyilgahi” where there are statues of famous Turkmen Scientists, Poets & etc from early ages till modern time with descriptions about their personalities & famous works highlighted by colorful night lights with vary fountains built along the alley. O/N in Ashgabat.
  • Day 9 - Ashabat-Kunya-Urgench-Dashoguz-Khiva

    Flight to Dashoguz for SS of Koneurgench. Cross into Uzbekistan Morning transfer to the airport of Ashgabat for flight to Dashoguz. Type of Aircraft Boeing 717-200. Flight T5-101. Departure at 06.50 & arrival at 07.50. Upon arrival drive ~120 km & 1,5 h/d/dto Koneurgench-the capital of Khorezmshahs (III-XVI cc). SS of the Old City includes: Portal of Caravansaray (XI-XIV), Mamun Minaret (X-IX), Il Arslan Mausoleum (XII), Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum (XIII), Academy of Horezm (III-XIII), Kutlug Timur Minaret (XIV)-one of the tallest minarets in Central Asia, Turabek Hanum Mausoleum (XIV), Najm Ed Din Kubra (XIII) & Soltan Ali (XV) Mausoleums located near Dash Metjit/Medrese (XIX). After SS drive ~100 km & 1,5 h/d/dback to Dashoguz. Lunch time. After lunch transfer ~15 km & 30min/d/dto border pass “Dashoguz-Shavat” to cross in to Uzbekistan. Approximately time of being at the “Red Line” (Real Border) is ~15.00. Meeting at Uzbekistan border with guide and driver. Transfer to Hotel, rest. Dinner at Hotel
  • Day 10 - Urgench (Khiva)-Tashkent

    This city is an open air museum, like Pompeii and Herculaneum. UNESCO has declared Khiva a city reserve and included Khiva’s oldest part Ichan-kala in its World Heritage List

    Time Program
    Breakfast at hotel
    City tour of Khiva. Visit to the oldest part of the city - Kunya-Ark fortress, including Kurinish Khana (17c); Mohammed-Amin-Khan(19c) Madrassah, Kalta Minor Minaret; Mohammed Rakim Khan (19 c) Madrassah, Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum, Islam Khodja Madrassah and Minaret, Jami Mosque(18c), Kutluq-Murad Inaq (19c) Madrassah, Allakuli khan Madrassah (19c), Ak Mosque, Tash Havli Fortress. Free time at leisure
    Dinner-experience at local family house. Transfer to Urgench Airport for the evening flight to Tashkent. Arrival and accommodation at Hotel.
  • Day 11 - Tashkent-Bishkek

    Kyrgyzstan is a rugged and beautiful country, with over half its territory situated in the Tian Shan Mountains.

    Breakfast. Transfer to airport for flight to Bishkek city - the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan (30km, 30 min). Arrival. Hotel accommodation. Free time for leisure. Overnight in Bishkek.
  • Day 12 - Bishkek-Burana Tower-Issyk Kul Lake-Cholpon Ata

    Breakfast. City tour: visiting of Victory Square, Oak Park with stone sculptures, Old Square, The House of Parliament, Main Ala Too Square, White House, Manas Hero Square, City Hall and many other interesting places. Also you will visit our famous Asian Bazaar where you will make a lot of colorful photos. Lunch After lunch drive to Burana Tower. On the way visiting Stone Warriors – Balbals. After an interesting excursion and climbing on the top of the Tower drive to the most famous place of Kyrgyzstan – Issyk Kul Lake. You can swim in the lake and to see mountains around you with snow white peaks! Dinner Overnight in resort.
  • Day 13 - Issyk Kul Lake-Karakol

    Breakfast. Short trekking to see petroglpihs. You can see a panorama view of the Issyk Kul Lake from this place – people were thinking that it was the middle of the world. All these pictures were depicted on the southern side of stones. People believed that in this case the God of the Sun will see their messages. Also beside the pictures there are big stones put in a circle way to make sacrifices. Drive to Karakol town. City tour including: Russian Orthdox Church and Dungan Mosque. Overnight in guesthouse.
  • Day 14 - Karakol-Jeti Oguz-Bishkek

    Breakfast We will travel today to Jeti Oguz gorge. It’s famous for its red rocks formations that have a name Seven Bulls – Jeti Oguz. Your guide will tell you a beautiful legend about these rocks. Also you will see our amazing Broken Heart Mountain! We will make many photos there and if you want it is possible to go on a top of a mountain (20 minutes) to see a panorama view of the gorge! There are some yurts on the way and people can offer you to drink Kumis. It is a national drink that is made of mare’s milk, and it is an alcoholic drink as a beer. After that we drive along Issyk Kul Lake and you will have a picnic on a wild beach. If you wish you can swim there for 30 minutes before we continue our driving. On the way we will visit one of the most interesting families in Kyrgyzstan – the family of Eagle Hunters! There are still some people in villages that continue this ancient way of hunting in our days. They train eagles and hawks when they are young and every winter go with them to the mountains for hunting. The Eagle Hunter just lets the bird fly and it finds the victim on its own. You will find out many interesting facts about this way of hunting and you will be able to make photo while keeping the bird on your hand! Farewell dinner in Bishkek will be at 9 o’clock.
  • Day 15 - Bishkek

    Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to international airport for departure flight END OF SERVICE

Services included in the price of the tour

  • Double / Single accommodation with breakfast
  • Transport services all over the tour by luxury air conditioned car/minivan/bus
  • Tips at the airports and hotels
  • Unlimited bottles of mineral water
  • Folklore show in Bukhara city
  • Tickets for performance in Alisher Navoi Theatre
  • Cup of Tea at Tashkent TV tower restaurant
  • Any museums of Tashkent
  • all museums
  • taking part in national holydays
  • schools
  • bazaars
  • libraries and much much more
  • English speaking guide services (to be ordered)
  • Portage charges at airports and hotels
  • Picnics and coffee stops
  • Unlimited entrance fees to all sights
  • OPTIONAL services for your choice
  • Visiting Christian churches
  • Tashkent zoo and botanic garden
  • winetasting in local wineries
  • theatres
  • parties and customs / traditions. Visiting Uzbek families
  • medical institutions
  • archives of ancient books
  • Presents from Roxana Tour

Not included in the list of services

  • Airfare due to the program (international and local)
  • Beverages and meals not included in main menu
  • All personal expenses (extra luggage fee / room service / medical expenses/insurance / etc.)
  • Tips to the guides and drivers
  • All optional deviations from the main itinerary
  • Photo-and video charges
  • Trip cancellation / accident insurance

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