Winter tours in Uzbekistan

New Year in Uzbekistan is an opportunity to get acquainted with this amazing oriental country, its original culture and ancient history. Festive New Year festivities are held here in large cities, but you can enjoy traditional Uzbek hospitality literally at every step.

Winter in Uzbekistan is not very cold, but unpredictable. The climate here is sharply continental, the air temperature in late December - early January is kept in the region of -5 ... + 10 ° С, precipitation at this time of the year is usually a lot, and the snow can turn into rain and vice versa several times a day. Perhaps you are lucky and some days will be sunny and warm - it is almost impossible to predict this.

There is snow in the mountains of Uzbekistan in winter, the air temperature is -8 ° C ...- 15 ° C, occasionally drops to -20 ° C. It is cold here at night, but by the morning the air warms up quickly, so it is usually quite warm both in the mountains and in the lowlands of Uzbekistan. Sometimes there are snowstorms and avalanches - but only in some fenced areas.


New Year in Uzbekistan is celebrated twice a year: traditional - March 21 and European - on the night of December 31 to January 1. The European New Year is a legacy of the Soviet Union and is more secular than a national holiday, but it is celebrated with pleasure and with all the trappings.

It is customary to serve a lot of fruits and sweets on the festive table in Uzbekistan, they symbolize prosperity and wealth.

With each stroke of the clock, one vineyard is eaten in Uzbekistan - 12 in total, and it is believed that if you have time to do this, your wish will certainly come true. Another good omen is to break all the cracked dishes in order to leave everything bad and “broken” in the old year, and take away only the best in the new one.

Folk festivities on New Year's Eve in Uzbekistan can be seen only in Tashkent, in other cities they celebrate mainly at home. On the capital square in Tashkent City, from about 22:00, songs are sung and games and dances of different peoples of the world are organized, there is a fair where you can buy carnival masks, little Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and other souvenirs.

Things to do

Uzbekistan is a very interesting and original country, here you should definitely spend a few days on excursions. As a rule, all excursion on Uzbekistan tours begin in Tashkent, most of them include a trip to Bukhara and Samarkand. These two ancient cities before the beginning of our era were major centers of trade and culture. Palaces of emirs, austere mosques and madrasahs and grandiose mausoleums of rulers are outstanding examples of ancient Eastern architecture. The historical center of Bukhara is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in Samarkand you can see the tomb of Tamerlane, the famous conqueror commander who lived in the 14th century. n. NS.

Uzbekistan, like the rest of Central Asia, is known for its hospitality, so there will be a lot of food everywhere. Almost all New Year's tours to Uzbekistan include a traditional festive feast, and sometimes the program includes culinary master classes followed by tasting.

Ski tours

Uzbekistan has its own ski resorts, and the peak season falls on New Year's holidays. There is a huge selection of routes for a New Year's during Uzbekistan tours. The most popular places are Chimgan and Beldersay, as well as the new world-class ski resort Amirsoy. They are located at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level in the mountains of the Southwestern Tien Shan, just 80 km from Tashkent and 4 km from each other. The infrastructure is quite at the level: there are hotels and inexpensive cottages, open and closed lifts, restaurants, shops, saunas, billiards, a disco and other entertainment standard for ski resorts.

Skating in Beldersay can be recommended for experienced skiers: the slopes there are quite difficult, but Chimgan is designed for a wider audience, including beginners. On New Year's Eve, almost every hotel in the mountains hosts a festive dinner with an entertainment program. Usually, all this is already included in the cost of a hotel room or in Uzbekistan tours package; you do not need to pay extra on the spot.

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