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More places to see in Uzbekistan

Recently, Uzbekistan was voted into the top 5 travel destinations in the world! This comes as little surprise to us at Roxana Tours and Five Stans Tours group. We think we should be the top destination for tourists to visit, and once you’ve been here you’ll readily agree with us and the millions of people who’ve already toured on Uzbekistan tours this wonderful and timeless land!

Often, people ask us “what are the most important things to see in Uzbekistan?” The answer is never simple, but once we can learn how many days you’ll be with us (and your preferences) it becomes easier to provide you with our suggestions. Whether you want to spend time in the mountains, in the countryside, or in the cities, we can make your question easier to answer. And I think we had been answering such question in most of our blogs, yet we always feel like to add few more spots and sights during Uzbekistan tours.

Mainly, people are interested to see the ancient cities and architectural wonders. This includes visiting the places along the Great Silk Road, like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Tashkent. Five Stans Tours together with Roxana Tours has created tours that fit most of our visitors preferences to visit these cities. In Samarkand, it is essential to see the Registan, Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum, and the Shah-i-Zinda. In Bukhara, the most popular sites are the Ark and the Kalon Minaret, while Khiva itself has been termed “The World’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Museum.” Tashkent is known for its modernity, bustle, and architectural beauty, but it provides visitors with opportunities to visit museums and architecture that pre-date the 1966 earthquake, including the old town.

The door to visit Uzbekistan is open, and many people are already touring our country as you read this! Now is the best time to enjoy the wonders and beauty that Uzbekistan has to offer. Our staff is ready to assist and guide you with your travel plans. Please email your questions so we can prepare the best itinerary imaginable for you or your group!

Another popular activity besides classical destinations such as skiing and different winter sports are becoming really popular due to new winter sports infrastructures being build up on the mountains not far from Tashkent.  Amir soy complex with modern facilities and its gorgeous location can be an example of how it can be valuable and enjoyable to spend time during winter holidays. That new complex can offer first class accommodation, modern cable car and few great restaurants that will make your winter Uzbekistan tours a great memory for years to come!

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