Cities of Uzbekistan

Modern capital Tashkent

This modern capital with wide avenues and shady squares in the heart of Asia, has a long history of 2200 years. The Chach principality of Sogdiana was once  a boundary between the nomadi...

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Samarkand is the city of the blue domes

None of the cities of Uzbekistan was awarded with so many titles and names. Samarkand was founded nearly 3000 years ago on the fertile valley of Zerafshan River, in the protection of Zera...

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The Noble Bukhara

This ancient caravan city in the lower streams of Zerafshan river was founded by migrating Indo-iranian tribes in the first milleniun BC and was known as Vikhar, Bukho and Numijkat in different per...

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Magic Khiva

This Museum in the Open Air, City of 1001 Nights and magestic capital of Khans of Khorezm, is situated in lower streams of Amudarya River – the ancient Oxus. The local legend says that the city was...

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Ferghana Valley

Fergana valley is situated in eastern part of Uzbekistan and surrounded by ranges of Pamir-Alai mountains. This valley which is 300 km long and 170 km wide is very fertile part of Uzbekistan.

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Unique Place Termez

The dates of foundation of the city are unknown, but when in the 6 century BC it was occupied by Persians, it was already an ancient city. It had always been important military and trading point on...

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The Paradise Shahrisabz

Shahrisabz was founded 2700 years ago in the fertile southern slopes of Zerafshan Mountains. The city of Kesh as historians named it, was the center of agricultural area and important city of...

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