Chorsu Domes on Uzbekistan Tours

“The domes of Chorsu are the brand of Tashkent”

The Chorsu market in Tashkent has been known since the times of the Silk Road and the Mongol invasion, being one of the oldest trading areas in all of Central Asia. A visit to the Chorsu market is always included in the program of the Uzbekistan Tour.

Seven domes around the main dome of the Chorsu market in Tashkent have been taken under state protection, the Cultural Heritage Agency said.

Seven domes around the main dome of the historic Chorsu market in Tashkent will be included in the list of cultural heritage sites of Uzbekistan.

Tursunali Kuziev, the first deputy director of the agency and chairman of the Scientific and Expert Council, said that the city administration of the agency had already taken the domes under protection. “This is the face, the image of not only Tashkent, but the whole of Uzbekistan, an object that attracts tourists on Uzbekistan tours. So we have to keep it,” he said.

“Today, the market is not on the list of cultural heritage, but we are now working on it in order to include it in the cultural heritage,” said council member Muhammad Fozilov.

In his opinion, the entire space of Eski Zhuva, where the Chorsu market is located, should be considered as a single architectural complex and should be under the protection of the state. “Because there is not only a market, but also a mahalla. It is necessary to preserve the Shahristan of medieval Tashkent,” the expert said.

Objects in the list of cultural heritage have a security zone, which includes historical buildings located nearby. Archaeological research will be additionally carried out here, because Shahristan, the old city, used to be here. There will be a lot of work going on here, clarifications after it is on the list of cultural heritage.

“It is no secret that any guest who arrives in Tashkent always says: “I want to go to Chorsu Bazaar.” A separate place in the open air is occupied by a culinary row - kebab, the famous Uzbek cakes, shurpa and samsa. In a word - a huge number of dishes of national cuisine, cooked from the heart and with hospitality: you will definitely feel this flavor on your  Uzbekistan tours.

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