How to choose Uzbekistan tours (Part 2)

In the first part of our blog, we looked at options on how to choose from a huge number of proposals from tour packages co called "Uzbekistan tours". Our next blog will be interesting for those who want to spend more time on trips visiting neighboring countries of Uzbekistan. The so-called combined tours are a great opportunity to discover the rest of the Great Silk Road, in particular countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Since Uzbekistan is located in the middle of Central Asia, it borders with all of the above countries and you can easily include additional routes and see new places for which these countries are famous.

So which countries are the  most often combined with a visit to Uzbekistan? This depends on several factors, which we will briefly discussed. First of all, you need to proceed from your interests and preferences, what emotions you want to feel from the trip. For example, Uzbekistan is famous for its historical and cultural sites known all over the world. Here you can plunge into the history of ancient civilization, visit the masterpieces of Islamic architecture and saturate every day with various cultural events.

 If you are very fond of active recreation and spending time in nature, doing popular types of entertainment for a healthy lifestyle, then feel free to include Kyrgyzstan in the list. After all, it is called small Switzerland, for its unique mountains, lakes and a unique natural gift, where you can endlessly go for mountaineering, hiking of various types, rafting, and mountain bike rides etc.

And if you are traveling with children and want to spend time in a modern metropolis, then the former capital of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, will be an excellent choice after long walks in nature and the study of historical sites, you will have an excellent opportunity to relax by visiting exquisite cafes and restaurants, especially if you travel on winter time, then your family will be very happy with the modern resorts focused on winter sports.

Do you want feel something unique from the unbeaten path and exotic impression in the desert? Check out the most famous carpets in the world? To visit a unique place called ”the gates of hell” and gain deep knowledge about the dynasties of Asia and Persia while visiting the endless expanses of Kara Kum, then you definitely need to get to the most closed and extraordinary country of Turkmenistan.

The next country on our list that you can add to your Uzbekistan tours is Tajikistan, a small country, but very picturesque with unique natural beauty. You can talk for hours and not describe all the beauty of all the mountains, rivers, and evergreen forests that will surround you along the entire route. Undoubtedly the most famous place to visit in Tajikistan is the FAN Mountains. In addition to the mountains, you will be taken through the Zarafshan valley, where you will rest after long journeys and hiking routes along the lakes like Alaudin, Kulikalon, Marguzor (seven lakes). You will be offered non-repeatable routes and exciting entertainment, be it trekking of various difficulties or extreme types of recreation such as rafting, mountain bike tours and rock climbing.

Regardless of which country you include in your Uzbekistan tours, be sure these countries will leave unforgettable impressions, where you will be met by hospitable people who will gladly acquaint you with untouched natural places, with ancient traditions, while generously treating you with exquisite cuisine for every taste.

In the next part of this blog, we will tell you the practical aspects of combining these countries with the main route through Uzbekistan. We will share with you with practical advice in which cities to re-search the borders for maximum convenience in accordance with your preferences and capabilities.

Anton Shulakov

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