National cuisine and food of Uzbekistan

When talking about Uzbekistan cuisine, the one can only gulp from expectancy since the names of the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes come as the spirit of incredible aroma, namely plov, manty, shurpa, shashluk, somsa, lagmon. It is impossible to stay calm when reviewing or simply looking through the pictures of such dishes. Uzbekistan cuisine should be tasted hot and hot and it is not for nothing that this cuisine is loved and respected in the whole world. Being one of cuisines distinguished with the variety and wide range in taste and appearance, Uzbekistan cuisine is one of the most delicious in the Eastern countries.

One should note that almost all dishes date back to the old times when meals were accompanied by special rituals that are

 actual up to date. The millennial history proves to boast with dishes with specific peculiarities.

Undoubtedly, the Uzbek cuisine adopted cooking traditions borrowed from Turkish, Uygur, Tajik, Tatar and many other nations making them cuisine-specific. During Uzbekistan tours the travellers can take such courses as lyulya-kebab, bogursak, mastava, dimlama. No way, it is not easy to remember of the names of courses though visitors who travel by Uzbekistan tours can remember the taste of such cuisine as keepsake for the end of their days.

The point is that a variety of Uzbek recipes address not only to meat as the main ingredient but greenery, fruits, spice and herbs. The warm climate commit to having rich crops of fruits and vegetables, vine crops, citrus, berries and nuts. Gastronomical predilections of everyone can be easily satisfied in here.  Pastries are worth to note as well fermented milk 

products. Despite of some kind of scientific name of products to be fermented, the outcome is natural, tasty and wholesome meal. Meat is one of main ingredients to be of high honor though it varies from region to region (beef, mutton, horse beef).

As for the meal, Uzbek people, as most people in the world, have it three times a day: breakfast – nonushta, lunch – tushlik ovkat and dinner – kechki ovkat. That’s interesting that “nonushta” stands for “bread tearing”. Bread is special in the region: it is baked in special tandyr (clay oven) in the rounded form. Table serving starts from fruits and candies, then salads and vegetables are served, followed by first and second dishes.

Uzbekistan cuisine is presented with tasty and rich lamb, golden rounded bread, a variety of spices, delicious green tea and thousands of fruits and candies and on the top of it, the hospitality of Uzbek people is a priority for the country culture

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