When can we come to Uzbekistan?

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in these challenging times that we have all faced.

We also hope we can re-start our cooperation soon and will enjoy the rest of the season.

Just some short information on COVID-19 situation in Uzbekistan, in case you have some requests and questions from your customers regarding Uzbekistan tours.

-By June 1, there are 3662 confirmed cases of corona virus, 2837 are recovered and 15 people died.

- The county is officially on quarantine regime till June 15 2020, however in most part of the country it is allowed to use public transportation to work, shopping etc

-From June 1, the tour operators are allowed to sell tours for local population to develop local tourism

-Public transportations such as trains, plans and taxi is operating within the country

-New regulation for hotels is announced and already some
hotels have started their activities!

-International flights operating now are only charter flights to bring Uzbekistan citizens from different countries abroad.

-All citizens visiting Uzbekistan are placed into a 14 day quarantine regime during this period and are isolated in special designed hospitals.

Now main question is, when Uzbekistan is is going to be open again for international travelers.

While there is still no exact answer for this question, but the fact that government is announcing to support tour operators that are involved in inbound tourism immediately after the quarantine regime is a sign of a good hope we will get back to normal business in upcoming soon!

We will immediately follow on sharing with you information on anything that has to do with Uzbekistan tours including new international time tables of flights and any conditions that will be announced for traveling here.

Thank you and a have a nice day!



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