Kyrgyzstan has prepared a lot of surprises: colorful yurts and felt carpets, mare milk and traditional horse races, songs, tales and legends. In short, Asia in all its glory - that what Kyrgyzstan is! This country has a lot to offer except Cultural tours, you can have a great experience in the mountains by choosing these entertainment programs.

5 Days

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Tour program

  • Day 1 - Eagle Hunting

    Hunting with an eagle is one of the most unique and beautiful types of hunting, preserved since ancient times by nomadic peoples of Central Asia, particularly Kyrgyz. It has been practiced for many years in order to feed people during the middle of winter. The season lasts from October to March. Experienced hunters caught freedom-loving eaglets and taught them to hunt badgers, marmots, hares, foxes and even wolves. This is a very long and laborious process. Today in the village of Bokombaevo on the southern shore of Issyk Kul there is the eighth generation of hunters, who still continues this tradition. They can show you a demonstration of eagle hunting on a rabbit during which you can get acquainted with the hunter closer, learn many interesting facts about this kind of hunting, take a picture with an eagle to capture the brightest moments of the attack of the wayward bird of prey on his victim.

  • Day 2 - Horse riding in Chon Kemin

    This village is situated in a national park and you will see many amazing mountain views. Rural regions remain delightfully unspoiled, traditional and rich in culture whilst the capital is quite developed. Tourism is still in its infancy and vast areas are largely untouched by foreign visitors. Beaming smiles, open arms and unrivalled hospitality await you. You will ride horses as real nomads and during this day you will see a lot of fantastic views. Your route will go high in the mountains and you will even ride horses through a mountain forest. You will have an excellent chance to see the panorama view of the gorge!

  • Day 3 - Horse games

    Horses play an irreplaceable role in the life of Kyrgyz nomads. It served as the means of transport, the index of wealth and prosperity, as well as meals: horse meat is a very respected delicacy and mare’s milk is a favorite traditional drink. Boys learnt to ride horses from the early childhood. Big parties and holidays were accompanied by such horse games as “ulak tartysh” (“dragging a goat”), “kyz kuumai” (“chase the girl”), “tyiyn engmei” (“pick up the coin”), “oodarysh” (‘wrestling on a horse”). All these games are performed on the open area within one hour in order to see the beauty and power of horse games, preserved from the ancient times.

  • Day 4 - Folklore show

    Folklore show is a reflection of the rich history of the nomadic customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. Today, centuries later, by the folk creativity tourists from around the world can better enjoy the atmosphere of their centuries-old traditions. During the folklore show in Bishkek, your attention will be dragged to a small concert of 40 minutes by the most talented artists and musicians in Kyrgyzstan, which have received international awards. During the concert you will get acquainted with the basic kinds of musical instruments of the Kyrgyz people and enjoy folk songs.

  • Day 5 - Boat Cruise

    In order to see the beauty of the majestic Lake Issyk Kul, so-called "The Pearl of Central Asia", you can take a pleasant cruise in the Soviet boat (new vip boats are privately owned, are not given to tourists). The duration of the common walks is 1 hour. Skillful captain of the ship and staff create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation throughout the whole cruise. These boats can accommodate 5 to 25 people. Your attention will be drawn to a magnificent Terskey and Kungei Alatau mountain ranges covered with snow-white peaks. On board you can really breathe the sea air deeply and enjoy the amazing clarity and blueness of the water of the lake. Yacht Club is located in the small resort town of Cholpon-Ata.

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