In spring of 2019, the shooting of the popular program “3 op Reis” of the BNNVARA film company was held in Uzbekistan in order for the Netherlands television channel NCO 3.
Our company “Roxana Tour” was responsible for the organization of filming in Uzbekistan.
The gear cycle consists of four series. Episode 1 was dedicated to Tashkent and the people living in it. Each told his story and hopes for the future. Episode 1 aired on October 27.
The next episodes will show the unknown facets of Uzbekistan. The tragedy of the Aral Sea will be lit from first witnesses and the best guide named October, the most beautiful village of Sentob in the vicinity of Nurata with the hero of this place - Nazrullo, the desert and Lake Aydarkul from the mouth of Radik will be shown.
From the very beginning to the end of the film, the film crew was accompanied by Ibragimov Rakhmatjon, episodes with his participation are in all series of the program.
Enjoy your viewing:

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