When is the best time to make Uzbekistan tours?

When is the best time to make Uzbekistan Tours? Almost all first questions we always get asked is, “What is the best season to come to Uzbekistan and Central Asia”

While there is no a perfect answer for this question, we will try to give some insight on which season of the year is preferable to make such trips to Central Asia.

If you are coming just to Uzbekistan then the beginning of the Spring is always considered to be the start of the travel season. The weather is just about to get warmer and very pleasant during the whole day. Usually we celebrate the Navruz, which is translated as a “new day” and can be considered the beginning of the year, so if you plan your itinerary that covers 21 st March, that will be a day for celebration this festival throughout the country. However if you want to combine your Uzbekistan tours with one of other stans , for example Kirgizstan or Tajikistan that are famous for outdoor activities it might be still a little too early for enjoying the full trips that cover most o f the natural resorts, mountains and camping spots on those areas.  April and May is another perfect months for including spending the time in all stans especially it is good for Turkmenistan where the weather is warmer comparing to all other Central Asian countries, especially during the summer months.

We don’t get much clients during the hottest months of summer like late June and July and this period is very hot and temperature may get up to 48C degrees  , but yet some people still feel ok and book their trips and there are few reasons for that such as we mentioned a combine tours in Kirgizstan and Tajikistan and the weather during the summer time is perfect for all mountain hiking’s and camping’s and another reason that sometimes plays role is the discounts from hotels due to lowering amounts of visitors.

The second part of the highest season starts from middle of August when it get s to cool down In Uzbekistan and also considered to be a perfect time to come in Autumn, a lots of fruits and vegetables are available that this region is so famous for and like everywhere Autumn is just another beautiful scene in many green cities like Tashkent, Samarkand and Fergana valley. The temperature is very comfortable from September to middle of October and it is around 30C-35C degrees in average.

Nowadays more and more travelers are coming for Uzbekistan tours during the winter period. And not only Uzbekistan but Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan is also very well visited and the main reason for that is ski tours as the above mentioned countries have developed some great winter ski resorts for a very affordable price. And the combination of such active trips with classical itineraries may save you a lot of money , of course you must like some cold weather and be ready for some snowing and raining days.

Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries are wonderful lands, for sure tourisms is facing some of the biggest challenging times in the World , but we kindly encourage you to make Uzbekistan tours in any convenient period of the  year which will be a trip you will remember for the lifetime.

Anton Shulakov

Roxana Tours

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