Top five unusual things to do on Uzbekistan tours

Top five unusual things to do on Uzbekistan tours

It is well known that Uzbekistan has a great architectural wonders thought the cities that are popular among touristic destinations. Everyone who is coming on Uzbekistan tours definitely wants to see famous Registan Square in Samarkand , Tallest minaret Islma Hodja in Khiva and the ancient ark in Bukhara. All of these masterpieces are included in all Uzbekistan itineraries. And we always have some folks that wants to do something different by going to the off the beaten path.  So here is a list of ten extraordinary routes you can take while you are here!

  • Expedition to the Aral Sea. If you want to see a real disaster , a serious one that is even negatively influencing from west side of the country to the whole Asia region including even some parts of Europe , then it will be very interesting for you to find out why this sea is shrinking and creating such a huge problem. You will defiantly have to plan this trip in advance by using a help of professional guides and drivers on special vehicles. The way  to the sea is most of the time on the tough off-road but it is guaranteed you will enjoy the  whole expedition that will be organized on the highest level
  • Living in traditional villages. You will truly enjoy this experience after visiting so many historical monuments during your standard Uzbekistan tours in the main touristic cities. We can make you a trip to the villages situated between Nurata Ridge and Kyzylkum Desert. You will have a strong feeling being in the middle of nowhere, but for sure you will be surrounded with one of the most hospitable people on earth. Just imagine of a green village in the mountains, without traffic, freshest air and full of breath taking adventures. But most importantly you will have an experience of being with local population that having a traditional life and nothing like you have seen on these trips highlights.
  • Taking part on hunting adventure.  Yes, hunting tours in Uzbekistan are legal now. You may ask what makes this trip different then other hunting destinations, and the answer is such tours are not commercialized yet and you can get a truly amazing experience by taking part together with local people and spend some days on natural reserves or even in wildest places in the desert which will be a memory of a life time. This will be nothing similar you have seen on touristic destinations that provide tourist adjusted trips. And it is always welcome to join such tours even if you are not a huntsman, you can enjoy being together with Uzbek huntsmen sharing their day life duties on extreme conditions , also it will be a good chance to take part on culinary of wild meat evenings, make some unique pictures of Uzbekistan nature and wild life.
  • Desert trek experience.  There are plenty of Uzbekistan tours that offer staying in a yurt camps in the desert.  In fact it is becoming so popular that the numbers of such service providers are nearly 20 which were only 1 or 2 just a few years ago.  So what we offer is something different than just spending a night in a well organized yurt camp with all modern facilities. We think it is a truly memorable experience to have some walking tours to get acquaintance with one of the toughest living places created by Mother Nature.  You will have daily walks depending how many days you want to spend on such adventure and each day you will cover distances that is appropriate to your health fit, all evenings will be spent in the middle of the desert in a tent, believe me this will be something really special being in the place and see on your own the wild life of the desert, sometimes you may even see fox, hare, desert cat, grouse, bustard, desert monitor and tortoises, you will enjoy getting acquainted to the life of local ethnicities, traditional yurt building master class, experiencing local food, listening to the folk music, and at the end of the trek you will reach  the and oasis- shores of Aydarkul Lake.
  • Uzbek Culinary tours. Recently this type of trip is becoming very demanding among travelers who are interested in cooking some eastern meals that are widely promoted in different shows around the world.  You can just Google and see how this festival of taste is going to look like once you sing up for such holiday for your stomach. All we can say it is beautiful, tasty and a big piece of healthy food that will be cooked for you by the most hospitality people on earth!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We do rally hope to get back on our Uzbekistan tours arrangements after the covid-19 will end and encouraging you to plan your next trips with Roxana Tour.  We are always happy to provide you with the experience that is going to be a memory of a lifetime!  

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