Navruz in Uzbekistan, a new hope for a new season!

Navruz In Uzbekistan

This spring festival is one of major holidays in the country being celebrated widely since the first days of independence. During the Soviet times celebrations of this holiday was not official, but nowadays it is a public holidays in Uzbekistan and is always celebrated on March 21 and lasts quite for few days all around the country

The name Navruz from Persian language means “The  new day” which is actually vernal equinox and marks the beginning of  spring. According to the historical records that festival has been celebrated in these lands for more than two thousand years. Many travelers trying to make the Uzbekistan tours exactly on these days which gives them a chance to take part in many different kind of events such as folk festivals, eastern dances and songs evenings, and of course a lot of cooking national dishes activities. For that reason Navruz is also known for an eastern treat called “Sumalak” which is prepared by elderly people in neighborhoods who really know how to make this desert. Sumalak is definlty one of the most difficult treats to be made and it takes a lot of preparations tasks beforehand while it also takes 24 hours to cook it by cooking on firewood from flour and germinated wheat grains. If it happens to be that you are traveling in our country during that festivals, make sure to get a chance to taste this meal and it is believed that those who taste it for the first time must make wishes and they will come true. If you don’t like to much sweet, do not wore except Sumalak women all over the country cook a wide range of other meals such as traditional pilov, somsa, manti and many more and plenty of food is given to all guests , relatives and friends.

According to historical traditions Navruz is the day when people forgive each other’s resentment and help each other in any difficulties faced in life. People including government officials travel through the county visiting poor people, people with physical disabilities, nursing homes and other places by making donations and giving many holiday gifts.

Even Uzbekistan has very successfully getting over the Pandemic, regret to say this year Navruz was not full of international guests as it used to be other years. We don’t get our hope down, and truly believe there will be many other opportunities in coming years for celebration this beautiful even with our friends from all over the world. Uzbekistan tours are always great during such holidays when you can spend a great time with local population, by getting to know how they live their normal life, their culture and traditions and moreover always welcome to participant in local rituals and ceremonies that definitely make your stay more enjoyable.

Stay tuned and follow our news, hoping to get back to arranging a great life experience in our trips very soon!

Roxana Tour Team

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