The long waited guests has finally arrived

April and May used to be the 1st part of the highest season for Uzbekistan tours and all Central Asian trips, while our expectations were pretty high for final start after a one year of quietness; the pandemic has been keeping its intention on ruining the travel business around the world including this part of the planet. We almost gave up our hope for getting any requests for travel arrangements form our business partners or any individual that was bare enough to plan a trip to Uzbekistan no matter how things going crazy around flights, hotels and limitations going on for so long already. Even though Uzbekistan is on top list of the safest travel destinations and the government taking measures on creating all necessary conditions by supporting business individuals like us, opening flights as much as possible with many countries, adjusting virus safety rules in the travel sights, hotels , airports etc still the number of incoming tourists from abroad is less than 10%  it used to be years before.  Anyway we are still enjoying the fact that the country is open, all tourist monuments, hotels are functioning and our team of the best guides and drivers ready to get back on the track to give their best attention for their loved job no matter how the conditions might be challenging in this special period.

We especially enjoyed our first clients, a couple from Netherlands that always wanted to do Uzbekistan tours but had to postpone their plans for several times. They have chosen to spend around 10 days by visiting all highlights of the country including some extra ordinary paths to the Aral Sea. Although we felt a little bit nervous for how things might not  go so smooth after such a long break, in the remote areas, in the hotels and road conditions, but proud to say our first season friends now on our fully satisfied clients list. They were actually surprised and made many happy statements that the trip was beyond their expectations, the country felt so safe, hospitable and relaxed which of course due to lowest number of total patients of COVID-19.

Well, that’s was a good start and now our tour operators getting few more requests everyday and we have some more and more clients flying in from different countries all over the world. No matter how things might feel complicated, here is a list of ten encouraging reasons why it is a perfect time for Uzbekistan tours now.

  • Lowest COVID -19 numbers
  • Still not too hot
  • Great chances to book the hotel that is perfectly matching your desire and budget
  • Great value on deals for all reservations on accommodation, transportation etc
  • All sights are not crowded and you can have some great time by enjoying the peacefulness    
  • Best Guides/ Drivers are more available
  •  Easy arriving rules
  •  Full government support by authorities during your stay
  • Discounts from Tour Agencies
  • Your great support and contribution for local economy

We hope to see you in Uzbekistan!

Please contact us anytime for more information on how to make this lifetime journey that will be a great part of your memory for years to come!

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