"3 op Reis" Uzbekistan. Final ep

The final part of the 3 op Reis series of programs about Uzbekistan, which was filmed by the BNNVARA film company for the state television channel NPO3, was aired. Assistance in organizing the filming was provided by Roxana Tour.
In this episode, the tragedy of the shallowing of the Aral Sea is touched.
Since the 1960s, the level of the Aral Sea began to decline rapidly due to abstraction of water from the main supply rivers of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Before the shallowing, the Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. Excessive water intake for irrigation of agricultural land has turned the sea into a barren desert.
In this film, the main characters share their memories of when the sea was the source of life for the entire region.
The archaeologist and candidate of historical sciences October Dospanov says:
“The city woke up from the noise and the dog barking. People screamed running along the streets towards the pier.
Boats at the hotel’s pier were aground. In 1961, in one night, the Aral Sea retreated tens of meters from the shore. ”
Unfortunately, the water level is becoming less and less every year.
But you still have the opportunity to see the Aral Sea with your own eyes. We invite you to the Aral Sea Expedition. Do not forget to include the Aral Sea in your Uzbekistan and Central Asia tour.


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