This is for sure the saddest blog we have ever written on our website. The pandemic of covid-19 has changed everyone’s travel plans in the whole world and especially travel plans.  As an owner of a travel company I can say this is the biggest challenge my company has ever faced , in a short period of the time we had to cancel most of the Uzbekistan tours including some Central Asia travel packages for the first part of the business season which suppose to start in March up to July.

On March 16th Uzbekistan has confirmed first cases of coronavirus and then the number of victims of this pandemia had been increasing rapidly. Two weeks later the government has announced of closing all land borders and has cancelled all incoming flights into the country till the unknown period of the time.  The whole country went to the quarantine regime, everyone was recommended to stay home and the government took legal actions to stop public transportation and prohibited using private vehicles together with traveling to other cities inside the country.

By May 10th we are expecting abatement some of the rules like going to work and using private transportation in emergency cases because the health system and the government of Uzbekistan has done a good job by taking some efficient actions on fighting this unpleasant international catastrophe. The World Health Organization has given some high assessments and complimented our government and people for fulfillment of all recommendations of this organization.

As for the numbers: by 6 May 2020 Uzbekistan has 2217 people who get infected, 1547 patients have fully recovered and 10 victims have died.  We do believe the covid-19 will be won and the whole country will get back to its normal life very soon.

As for the tourism, it is has been already announced that international flights will remain closed till June 30, 2020. Our company takes all responsibility in rearranging the confirmed tours for a different period suggested by our customers, travelers who wish to fully cancel their travel plans we will start refunding deposits that had been received for the Uzbekistan tours.  We very much hope to see everyone who wanted to visit Central Asia this year and wish you to stay safe, healthy and protect your loved ones!

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