Hunting Adventure In Uzbekistan

This itinerary will give you a chance to spend one of the most challenging and exciting days in our beautiful nature reserves in Uzbekistan. Our professional team of huntsmen, escort guides and capable off road drivers will arrange you an unforgettable hunting experience you won’t soon forget. The excitement involved in hunting in Uzbekistan is, quite simple, found nowhere else, one of the main reasons for that is you will be invited to take part in adventure which hasn’t been commercialized yet, and won’t be arranged in predicable ways you have used to see in all your hunting destinations. Our philosophy is to provide you with an environment and challenging conditions that rolls your adrenaline in breathtaking activities during your hunting adventure. Don’t take our words for expecting poor planed services, indeed all arrangements including accommodation, meals and everything that has to do with your comfort will meet your highest requirements. We just want you to feel something more behind then just hunting, by taking part in everyday life of local villagers, cooking different meals together,  sharing challenges with local hunters in extreme situations, get to know new people and making new friends by spending your time in the most natural atmosphere. Otherwise why would you come from thousands of miles just to hunt for a bird that can be found in any parts of the world!?


∙ Nominal hunting licenses for all types of animals for hunting 

∙ Nominal permits from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the import and transportation of hunting weapons and hunting cartridges for hunting weapons.

∙ Necessary documents for issuing permit: 

Colored copy of the hunter's passport;

Colored copy of the hunter's hunting certificate (ticket, permit, etc.);

Affiliation of the imported hunting to this person; weapons

Mark, caliber, serial number of the hunting weapons by the hunter; imported

4 Days

Route Map

Tour program

  • Day 1 -

    We will pick you up from your hotel in Tashkent and drive to the village called Yangi Hayot, situated between Nurata Ridge and Kyzylkum Desert. It is about 6 hours drive to cover almost 400km. Arriving to our guest house which is situated in gorge, we will have late lunch. The rest of the time is for leisure and to explore the beautiful nature of village by having some light hiking to see the reserve center of Muflons of Severskiy. Walking around the village you will have a strong feeling that you are wandering on excavations of an exceptional, well thought-out but ancient town. There will be also a great opportunity to take part in everyday life of local villagers by participating in baking bread in clay ovens called tandur, watching the wedding ceremony or some traditional sport games such as equestrian “Kup-Kary” and many other events taking place depending on a season. We can also arrange master class of cooking national dishes with wild meat. After dinner we discuss the details of the upcoming hunting days and pack everything we need for the next day.
  • Day 2 -

    We will wake up early morning for breakfast and drive 1 hour by Russian 4x4 off-road vehicle to reach the ponds by Aydar Kul lake for our morning duckling, before few minutes we see sunrise. You will be accompanied by local friends and Huntsmen together with our team including our flushing Labrador Loyd for this beautiful morning hunt. The morning duck hunting usually lasts 2 hours and afterwards you will be invited to take part in walking hunt for Pheasants with our flushing dogs without which it is almost impossible to find that rare bird in these areas. After some tough walking it will be a great time to enjoy our picnic near the big lake, the local fisherman will share with us with freshest fish which will be nicely cooked in open air with woods. It will be a lunch with effective time spending as on the same time we will be observing our main trophy Grey Goose flying from the Aydar Kul Lake to the desert fields for feeding. The Grey Goose is considered to be a trophy because it is very rare in these areas, very challenging bird to hunt, it is fast, very tricky and cautious. After lunch our most original way of hunting for the Grey goose will begin by searching the birds on land on vehicle. It will be fascinating to see how our huntsmen will notice from thousand meters the invisible Geese while only few can notice using binoculars. After finding the feeding place of Geese, the rest will be even more interesting, you will be driven to a certain position and instructed to lie down on the ground without any movement, the vehicle will leave…any small movement or a noise will make the birds fly away from few kilometers, that’s how sensitive they are. After few minutes you will be amazed how suddenly you hear the familiar geese voices brining closer and closer and finally they will be just above your head and you have only few seconds to shoot, and the challenge of getting to know on how perfectly to do it, will be an amazing experience, if you got up to soon you the geese will turn away on the direction, if you got up too late they will fly over your head and you won’t be able even to take aim, deceptive of big size this big bird is actually very fast when flying. The rest of the day will go on with such corrals and every time you will be amazed how on earth the huntsmen can find birds and turn it towards to your position. After sunset we will have our dinner at hunting house, you will have a chance to take part in cooking some wild meat that has been hunted during the day. Most probably it will be national dish Plov and we will use a Pheasant as a main ingredient, it is no doubt that the best plov is cooked with Pheasant and only few had chance to taste it. Overnight at hunting house
  • Day 3 -

    After Breakfast we will continue our hunting adventure. We are sure you will want to have a chance to experience our unique driven hunting for some other birds and this time will use this methods for ducks which will be similar as to geese hunt method with difference of finding ducks in many ponds near the big lake, rest is familiar for you, dropped at certain position you will patiently wait for the vehicle go near the pound and make a fuss so the duck fly towards you. This will go on till lunch from ponds to ponds. After lunch depending on season/conditions in hutting area we can search for hare, pheasants and steppe partridges. In the evening we will return to upper Hayat Village for dinner and overnight at the guest house.
  • Day 4 -

    After early breakfast we will go for hiking to nearby mountains and enjoy the rest of the day hunting for mountain partridge. It will be a classical hunting by climbing hills and moving towards the birds sound. By lunch time we will return back to the guest house for preparation to leave back to Tashkent and our Hunting adventure will end. There is also an option of prolonging this tour for hunting for big Mouflons of Severskiy know as Arkhar, or mountain sheep , is a cloven-hoofed mammal from the barnacle family , inhabiting in the mountainous regions of Central and Central Asia. The hunting area is situated close to our Guest house and special permission for this hunt should be arranged in advance. Usually extra 2-3 days required in addition to the main itinerary.

Services included in the price of the tour

  • Double / Twin accommodation with breakfast
  • English speaking guide services
  • Transport services all over tour by luxury air conditioned car/minivan/bus/ 4x4 off-road vehicle
  • Unlimited supply of mineral water
  • Amunition
  • Meals (lunches and dinners)
  • Huntsmen services
  • Picnics and coffee stops
  • Gun import documentations and permissions
  • Hunting Licenses for certain species

Not included in the list of services

  • Early check in
  • All optional deviations from the main itinerary
  • Photo-and video charges
  • Medical expenses/insurance etc.)
  • Tips to the guides and drivers
  • Airfare due to the program (international)
  • Beverages and meals not included in main menu
  • All personal expenses (extra luggage fee/ room service
  • Trip cancellation / accident insurance

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