Let’s move on from this Pandemic!

Let’s move on from this Pandemic! 

Today we had been discussing a lot about COVID-19 and even the tour season in Uzbekistan is coming to the end, we are still very optimistic and stay tuned for many enthusiasts who dare to travel to many destinations in the world!

The excitement is building for another big tourism season in Uzbekistan in 2021! People are talking about this special part of the world like never before, and the reasons range from the friendliness, hospitality, and kindness; to the great strides being made in economics and politics; to the outright optimism that has engulfed this wonderful land. There’s no better time than now to visit and enjoy for yourself what many others have already discovered! And another good reason for that is Uzbekistan is still doing very well on controlling the number of the COVID-19 infection spread due to the good government efforts on many levels .

Preparing for an Uzbekistan tours begins with you. The first step is to contact Rakhmadjon, Anton, or Greg to learn what will work for you and what you want to see. While we post our most popular Uzbekistan tours on our website, we provide flexibility to build an itinerary that fits you or your group. The reason we do this is to ensure that you are visiting the places and doing the things you want to do. Many of our clients who go on an Uzbekistan tours have studied the country and its history and sometimes gain a new perspective. Nevertheless, most people trust our experience and choose one of our itineraries.

Take a look online at all the wonderful things that are happening in Uzbekistan and you’ll quickly discover what many others have already learned. They started their Uzbekistan tourism just like you. They probably saw a headline that caught their eye, became intrigued, and did a little more research. Soon, they found themselves on an Uzbekistan Airways plane straight for Tashkent and plopped in the middle of one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Armed with their notes, a sense of adventure, they embarked on one of the greatest Uzbekistan tours of their life. There’s nothing to stop you from visiting this great land and realizing your own dream!

Greg Stephenson,

Representative in USA, Washington D.C

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