Architecture in Uzbekistan

Roxana Tour offers all types of itineraries to fit your interests. From extreme tourism for the adventurous to ornithological and entomological tours for naturalists, we can make your trip the prize of a lifetime. With that said, our architectural tour has proven to be among the more popular tours that we provide. And there are plenty of reasons why this is true.

Architecture in Central Asia provides an historical imprint of the region through the centuries. As you travel throughout the country you will witness evidence of Persian, Chinese, Islamic, tsarist, Soviet Union, and modern examples that will satisfy any student of architecture.

An ancient example of Persian architecture is the Ayaz Kala in Karakalpakstan. These three kalas (forts) were built between the 4th century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D. Sunset is the best time to photograph these wonders!


While the Islam Khodja minaret was built in the early 20th century, it is a perfect example of Persian architecture from the 14th century. A view of it from one of the narrow streets in Khiva can be seen below:


The heart of ancient Samarkand, the Registan, is perhaps the most famous example of architecture along the Great Silk Road. The Registan is a complex of three madrasahs that were built between the 15th and 17th centuries. The frame that the madrasahs provided formed a plaza for citizens of the Timurid Dynasty to gather and hear royal proclamations and witness the execution of the law. A photo of this jewel is below:


An example of tsarist architecture can be viewed in Tashkent, where the Prince Romanov Palace was built in 1891. Set in the heart of the city, Prince Romanov lived there with his wife until 1917 when it was converted to a museum. Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses it for receptions with foreign dignitaries.


A fine example of modern Uzbek architecture is the Oliy Majlis, the location of the parliament. Completed in 1997, this building utilized glass as a departure from previous architectural styles, but retained its cultural identity by placing a blue dome on the top.


All of these examples only provide a brief glimpse of architecture in Uzbekistan. There are numerous other historical buildings throughout the country that will be sure to sate your appetite for these wondrous treasures!

Posted by Greg Stephenson

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