Top changes in the main Cities

What's new in famouse places of Uzbekistan?

This blog is dedicated to the most popular cities visited by travelers in Uzbekistan. Of course there is a lot had been written about cites such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva , Tashkent and others, but we would like to bring your attention on recent changes that are taking place every day.  Ok here we go:

Tashkent-the capital of Uzbekistan and biggest city in central Asia, this is going to be your first place upon arrival on your Uzbekistan tours. And if it is not your first visit, then you will quickly notice that Tashkent International airport has magnificently changed during few years. From one of the worst airports in the world now it is becoming  a very friendly port of destination, easy check in, no big lines anymore and the time of your baggage arrival is nothing to compare then it issued to be. And most importantly the very kind smiling stuff, it is great that government understands more and more that tourism is one of the best economical drives in this region.

Samarkand-is known for the main square Registan which you can find in any must visit lists. All the time we have requests from our clients to accommodate them near that square for it’s fabulous view and main activities that happen around it. Obviously we had a chance to offer only one hotel that can accommodate on good level with enough rooms and that was an old chain of hotels known as "Asia". In general accommodation was one of the main issues in our business, very low amount of hotels that were operating and as the result of tourism development we are having a boom of massive constructions of different types of hotels all over the country, more than 250 hotels are just build recently in the whole county. So the fact that some of them are opened near the Registan square is for sure making our job easier.

Bukhara- Who could have thought that Uzbekistan will develop the beach leisure trips and not many of us could have an idea it will be somewhere in the desert like in Bukhara, A 15-hectare summer ecotourism beach area is being created on the territory of the Tudakul reservoir in that region. The tourist facility will include a beach, a swimming pool, a water park, a mini Disneyland, a 50-seat hotel, recreation areas, a restaurant, a summer terrace, a spa, an outdoor playground, a health and sports center, a parking lot and special water transport. Well who knows this can be one of the potentials in diversifying the tourisms concept which will definitely show its positive results together with Uzbekistan tours.

Khiva-A unique tourist center, stylized as ancient architectural monuments, was opened in Khiva A new tourist center was organized at the Khiva Korakul farm.  The buildings of the center are stylized as the historical monuments of Khiva Ichankala and Dishankala.  Of particular interest to foreign guests is a minaret with a height of 36 meters and yurts decorated in the national style with all the amenities. According to the head of the farm "Khiva Korakul" Dilmurod Olloberganov, tourists are offered walks in the Kyzylkum desert on camels and horses, on boats on the lake near the center, fishing, national dishes and much more.  Note that Khorezm attracts tourists from all over the world with its ancient monuments, sacred places of worship, picturesque nature, unique values and traditions. If in 2005 the region was visited by 14 thousand domestic and foreign tourists, then last year this figure reached 73 thousand people. Over 53 thousand of them are foreign tourists.

These are just one main change in each city, we are happy that so many other projects and developments are happening in our country on which we will write more on our next blogs. Meanwhile if you had been thinking to make an Uzbekistan tours , we are open, do not believe the mass media that coming to these areas are restricted. Uzbekistan is on top list of so called “Covid Safe Destinations” due to the great attention of the government on making sure the coming guests feel the comfort and safety.

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