"3 op Reis" Uzbekistan. ep-3

The 3nd episode of the “3 op Reis” series from BNNVARA by order of NPO3 TV company aired on November 17.

 The film shows the unique place of Uzbekistan - Yangikazgan. The heroes of this place are Radik and Zholdubai. Each has his own story and dreams. Radik dreams of turning the Aydarkul coast into a picturesque world-class resort that could compete with the resorts of Turkey. Now he owns a yurt camp in the desert and a hotel on the lake. In his camp you can feel the life of nomadic tribes, enjoy the starry night sky and dinner by the fire.

Zholdubay invites you to his house so that guests can taste the national Kazakh dish - Beshbarmak. He breeds and contains camels. You can ride camels and watch their life. Zholdubai's main dream is the prosperity of his village and the health of his loved ones.

All the heroes of this program are inviting you for a visit.

Enjoy your viewing: https://www.bnnvara.nl/3opreis/videos/525291

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