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Hotel «KHAN» is located in the heart of the ancient Kokand city, close to restaurants, shopping entertainment centers, air and train ticket sales offices. City’s main Museum – great Palace of last Khan of Kokand Khudoyar, the embodiment of architectural style of the Kokand masters, is located just 5 minutes walk from our hotel. City Hall, banks and the central telegraph office, built in European style, are also located near the hotel. Our hotel rooms are decorated in different styles, but all of them keep the same cozy homelike atmosphere. The hotel has «Wi-Fi», which allows our guests to enjoy a global network right in the room. The hotel is equipped with modern security and fire detection and alarm system.
The hotel has a modern conference hall for business meetings, negotiations, conferences and seminars. In the evening, during a vacation or business meeting, you can enjoy a wonderful tea, coffee and refreshments in the cafeteria, located on the first floor.

  • Wireless Zone wi-fi,
  • LCD TV, satellite TV,
  • hairdryer,
  • electric room heater,
  • air conditioning,
  • zonal lighting,
  • personal hygiene items.

Contact details

Istiklol St, 31, Kokand 7747 Uzbekistan

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